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The Legend of Aurum Draconis is a fantasy RPG-inspired play-and-earn adventure, set in an evolving digital universe.

⚔️ Train your party of adventurers, gain experience to boost your stats via combat or crafting!

🏹 Choose your favourite combinations of equipment from a vast range of powerful equipment and items

☠️ Defeat hordes of enemies of increasing difficulty to obtain valuable loot

💎 All items in the game are NFTs and can be traded in the player-driven in-game marketplace.

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It is said that long before humans roamed these lands, Dragon Haven was the breeding ground of dragons. Over the ages many battles were fought between dragons and humans as strangers from distant lands tried to settle in this fertile and resource-rich region.

The dragons, although mighty and wise, could not withstand these relentless attacks, so they left for distant shores where they could be free and safe to nest. Aurum Draconis, leader of the dragons, could never forget that the dragons were forced to flee from their ancestral home, the place where he himself was hatched. He made an oath to himself and the other dragons to one day return to Dragon Haven and rightfully reclaim what once was theirs.

He would never forget the wrong doing that had occurred in his ancestral home, the place where he himself was hatched. Aurum had made an oath to himself and the other dragons to one day return to Dragon Haven and rightfully reclaim what once was theirs.

Time passed and what once was fact, had now become folklore. Legends of the mighty Aurum Draconis were told to children as bedtime stories, only ever thought as myth.

The older townfolk seem to believe that the dragons will one day return to take back Dragon Haven, as their breeding grounds lacked the mystical properties needed to incubate their eggs. Even though the dragons were safe from war their lives lacked the most basic of instincts, to bring new life into the world. Some claim to have glimpsed the silhouettes of majestic flying beasts, while others remain convinced that the dragons are extinct and nothing but an old wives' tale...

Play and Earn

All items and characters in the game are NFT's and can be traded freely in the in-game Marketplace using the $DCAU token.

All items and characters are ready to be used in our next layer gaming experience.

Staking in our native vaults will add an experience boost for all of your gameplay.

You will need to purchase a DCG Hero to be able to play Legend Of Aurum Draconis.

Heroes NFT

An NFT avatar is required to play The Legend of Aurum Draconis. You can buy an avatar with $DCAU - there will be a set number of characters, released in batches on our marketplace, a free airdropped character is rewarded to users who swapped at least 100 $DREGG to $PDCAU, see details above.

The higher your rank, the more starting stats you get to spend. This character gains experience and levels through our mini-games and is used throughout every layer coming up. As you level up, you receive new stat points to increase your avatar's value and chances of winning.

Dragon Haven: Explore The Map

The Plains

Vast and dangerous regions just outside of the township of Dragon's Haven, head out to fight monsters, hunt for resources, complete quests, gain experience and find magical loot.

The Mines

Dangerous underground mines where you can find treasures and monsters. Don't get lost!

Deep Forest
The Deep Forest

There are legends of how dragons once lived in the forest but with time, they have mostly gone deeper inside the forest. Do you dare to find out?

The Deadlands

The mystical place of the dead. From dead trees to lost treasures. This place contains everything. Explore at your own risk.

The Township of Dragon Haven

The Inn
The Inn

Players can exchange $DCAU to rest and refresh their turns, get special boosts from the bard's songs or head to the backroom to try their luck at the minigames.

The Marketplace
The Marketplace

The trading hub of the town, here you can buy and sell magical equipment or a new character. There is a small transaction fee of 5% for using the marketplace.

Grohms Bank
Grohm's Bank

The financial centre of Dragon’s Haven, where players can use tokens and LP tokens to purchase bonds and acquire discounted $DCAR, and stake $DCAR to earn yield.

Healers Hut
Healer's Hut

An essential service for battle-weary adventures to be healed , regain health points and return to battle.