Aurum Draconis integrates .avax naming service with Avvy Domains

Aurum Draconis integrates .avax naming service with Avvy Domains

Aurum Draconis integrates .avax domain & .avax holders get free access to play the beta on the Fuji Testnet and get a chance to win DCG NFTs

We partnered up with Avvy Domains on Avalanche to give our players the possibility to make their gaming experience more personalized. Users who have acquired an Avvy domain name will now be able to see that in the leaderboard instead of the usual computer-generated address (0x).

To celebrate the integration, everyone who has a .avax domain can get complete access to the full beta of The Legend of Aurum Draconis. This immersive and innovative RPG game takes you on a nostalgic adventure. The game beta is already live on the Avalanche Fuji Testnet.

Every eligible user will then be able to access the full beta for a limited time before it launches on the Avalanche C-chain:

We are also giving away 5 Hero NFTs that will grant you the full game for free when it goes live on the Avalanche Mainnet! “The Legend of Aurum Draconis” comes with customizable and user-owned characters (Hero NFTs), an on-chain leveling system, a skill tree, crafting, looting, fighting, monetary rewards, and much more!

If you have not yet registered a username domain (.avax) on Avalanche you can get one from here:
It’s easy to earn a chance for a Hero NFT, here’s how with Quest3

  1. Head over to our Crew3* dashboard, #Avvy Campaign category: before 11 AM on January 12
  2. Complete two simple quests to get access to the game
  3. And you’re in! Good luck!
  • Crew3 is a Web3 quest platform where you can earn rewards by participating in quests and events.

About Avvy Domains

Avvy Domains is a naming service designed to support the Avalanche ecosystem and its various subnets. With Avvy, users can replace computer-generated identifiers, such as wallet addresses, with human-readable and memorable names like johndoe.avax. Our main goal is to improve the user experience across the Avalanche ecosystem.

More information about Avvy Domains is available on our website at

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