Dragon Haven Chronicles Pt.1: Musings of a Fallen Hero

Dragon Haven Chronicles Pt.1: Musings of a Fallen Hero

THWACK! Landed the goblin's shoddy hammer flush on the Hero's face - what a welcome this was. Wasn't expecting a stroll in the plains to become a fight for life and death.

"Such is the way of Draconis", said the retired warrior as he grudgingly patched up the hero's injuries, "Never a dull moment to have - always on the verge of tasting the dull edge of a shoddy weapon.". Bemused as he was, the Hero noted this is pretty much what the barkeep told him at the Wild Boar back in the Haven.

He was perplexed as to how he, a hero, would be so easily undone by a random creature like that. I am a Dragun damn hero! Forged with the most coveted Gold of Draconis - my mere presence should send tremors through the plains' beings!

He even more bemusingly noted how this declaration of his had only made the laughter worse back in the inn. The hysterics had started right from the moment he stepped foot in the inn, which was weird, our hero thought.

"Why of course, if you be going in brandishing that floppy weapon of yours out for everyone to see, I'd expect more than a chuckle.", bellowed the healer, much more humoured than his usual self. Our hero just stared at him confused. Behind that vapid stare, the Hero's head just couldn't get around how his Herculean sculpture of a body could be anything but awe-inducing or intimidating.

"Look chump - if you want to make something of your heroic self, ya need to find some armor to protect that hulking body for yours. Put on some pants and boots, a helmet for good measure to protect that thick skull of yours - and see how ya fare. Trust me, I've done the whole Monty and earned my peace here, and that's what ya got to do. Take some of that Aurum - after ya pay me of course - and head onto the marketplace to get your goods. Fight harder to gain more - and you'll end up not coming here often."

"But I bet you'd still need these old hands to patch you up eh? Because you've got a lot of learning to do - maybe find some friends to help ya out in battle too." The healer suddenly turns pensive, "All this mucking around in the plains is nothing compared to the horrors of the deadlands…".

SNIP! The loud click of the healer cutting the last strip of bandage off the big patch all.over the hero's body resonated throughout the hut. The buck naked hero stared at the body he was so proud of - mauled, scarred, battered. Then he looked at the bag of Aurum and Argenti sitting beside the table.

"Don't worry warrior - you'll probably make all of that back, once you're done paying me for the heal, your ride back to the Haven and your goods at the market. But once you're ready to hit the plains again, I'm sure you're going to need a bigger pouch than that!" the Healer half chuckles as he keeps his things back.

The Hero as embarrassed as he was - also felt hardened. Thoughts flowed through him - 'Next time we meet Goblin - you're going to feel the wrath of my scythe! Because I am a Dragun damn Hero!'

'I hope they have a scythe at the market.' and finally, the Hero managed a warm chuckle to himself.

Written by Jeeka
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