Dragon Haven Chronicles Pt.2: Christmas Legend

Dragon Haven Chronicles Pt.2: Christmas Legend

Around this time of year, children of Dragon Haven hear varying versions of the following tale. The legend is told to celebrate the season of course, but also to give the young ones a brief respite from the fear of dragon attacks as they believe “Weary Warrior Santa” will protect them for at least one night. Until Aurum Draconis is defeated, it will continue to be passed on to inspire a new generation of heroes…

Legend has it that during Dragon Haven’s first Christmas, the dragons weren’t too fond of the cheer being spread around the home they were driven away from. The golden dragon, Aurum Draconis, sent one or his brothers down to eradicate the joy.

Santa saw the evil emerge through the blizzard. Checking his list twice and seeing the beast was naughty, he rammed it with his sleigh, sending it crashing to the frozen tundra. Determined to protect the town, St. Nick donned his frost armor and engaged the monster in fierce battle, delivering a knuckle duster to its wretched jaw.

The monster and Santa tussled through the night as lightning crackled through the snow. Despite the odds, Santa refused to give up. Wielding only a shoddy weapon, he took hit after hit. Just when all hope was lost and he may have had his last cookies and milk, Santa reached for his legendary healing potion. Then, mustering all his strength and incredibly high luck, he landed a critical hit, defeating the monster and saving the town! Santa kneeled down to offer words of comfort and joy to the defeated dragon, befriending the creature. The Christmas spirit prevailed!

All the citizens of Dragon Haven shared glad tidings and decked the halls in celebration. But Santa’s victory came at a cost. His eyes less twinkly, dimples less merry, and a face red from battle like a cherry, Weary Warrior Santa knew he must continue his annual winter journey. While his sleigh went to soar out of sight, he sighed at the sound of a faraway roar, “Who will protect Dragon Haven beyond Christmas night…?”

The elder townsfolk then say, at the sight of a dragon befriending the jolly old elf, Aurum Draconis’ rage grew three sizes that day. The roar he let out summoned an Avalanche no doubt, but the courageous Heroes did not run away.

Written by Van
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