DCG Townhall 2

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DCG Townhall 2

Greetings Slayers,

Thank you very much for attending our second part of the town hall AMA on November 4, 2022,
Questions in this town hall were categorized into Game Mechanics, About Team, and Marketing. If you missed the AMA and you don’t want to listen to the recording, you are at the right place!

Game (mechanics)

There's always more stuff to be added or improved, but overall, are you guys satisfied with the game you're about to release? What parts of the game do you think need more improvements?

Our community members and players deserve a mature and high-quality product. To this end, our team has been hard at work building and testing the Legend of Aurum Draconis over the past few months. Community members who have played the beta version would have seen the progress that we are making.
Of course, we will never be fully satisfied, but we are drawing a line and releasing the product after it’s thoroughly tested, and we will build furthermore from there. We think we can improve graphics, lore, and quests. Also, optimize the user experience.

Have prices been set for in-game actions such as bard song, a room at the inn, healers hut, crafting, etc.

The numbers will have to be adjusted in production to facilitate a sustainable game economy.

Game balance is very important. Do you have plans to buff/nerf stuff depending on if it's too strong/underpowered? Since the items will be on the blockchain, there will be no way to roll back the items if they are too strong than expected. It will ruin the experience if only a few players can get them before it is taken care of. is there any way to go around this, or is this a situation where "you have to get it right the first time"?

That’s a great question. We store stats on our game server, so in case some items were over or underpowered, we can nerf/adjust if needed.

Are there plans for some Easter eggs

Funny enough, Easter eggs are one of the features we discussed in our early days, I can positively say that there will be an Easter egg at some point .

What would be a perfect start for the game for you?

Perfect start would be a smooth user experience, and organically increased interest in the game itself and the ecosystem, starting to get the attention that we believe we deserve.

How many unique addresses playing the game do you expect on launch based on the data from beta (estimate)

We have 800 unique holders, we hope the number will be close to a few hundred active players on launch. To put this into perspective, if you attended the last AMA, it’s been said that 10k active players put you in the top 100 mobile games.

Can you discuss some metrics/statistics you’ll watch to evaluate if the game economy is in balance/equilibrium? What tools have you built to monitor the game economy?

Some metrics we will be monitoring include:

  • Turns played
  • Combat encounters completed
  • Items crafted
  • Resting at the Inn
  • Healer's hut usage
  • Consumables expended
  • The player death rate

We want to see what makes players continue the game and when they give up, the assumption is that most players won't even write feedback, so the tracked behavior is the real feedback.

About Team

Can you give a brief description of each teams member's skills and what aspect(s) of the game they’re focused on

The following is a general description of our skills and responsibilities. That being said, we each wear many hats and help wherever required.

Sam - project lead, game development (front-end + back-end) and blockchain development
Neothon - senior dev, game development (front-end + back-end), blockchain development and web development
Pupdev - senior dev, blockchain and back-end development
Paul - senior dev, game development, community events and community engagement
Pyro - marketing lead
Heatengine - BD, marketing, and community
Nick - BD, creative and marketing content (video, livestreams)
Glen - Legal, biz-ops and web development

Do you sleep at all?

Yes, sparingly. :)

What would that role be if you could hire an additional team member? Where do you need the most help?

From my point of view (heatengine), We’d need someone good at illustrations that can be part of the content. Many successful teams have this common trait. Their banners, posts, and blogs look much cooler with visuals specially designed for those purposes.
I believe (Nick) that content is a very important part of this and like heatengine stated a dedicated illustrator to fill in gaps would be great, videos and livestreams I think are a great content medium BUT seeing how active we are on Twitter we could use illustrations to communicate entertainingly

How’s the runway looking? Is everything in line with expectations?

We have a sufficient runway for the foreseeable future. The project was bootstrapped with very little external funding, and we continue to run a tight ship regarding operational expenses.
The team has been doing a fantastic job asking, “do we need this?” in regard to extra spending, holding one another accountable and utilizing funds meaningfully


Can you share any info on the marketing plan ahead of the game launch?

In addition to laying down our longer-term content and SEO strategy for organic growth and visibility, we are planning various campaigns and “plays” to get more people to learn about and play the game. Our content strategy aims to become a trusted source and KOL for anything related to Web3 gaming – it involves market research, user-generated content, Web3 gaming industry guest appearances, and more.

We are ramping up our Paid Media Marketing campaigns focusing on brand awareness. Still, every touchpoint following that (TOFU) has to be solid (website, landing pages, easy onboarding). We are working around the clock to ensure the customer journey is as smooth as possible.

Incentivized campaigns on well-known growth marketing platforms in Web3 that we will be utilizing to get more people to learn about Hero NFTs (a very important part because they’re the “key” to start playing the game) and the game itself. Quests, fun, and prizes!

There are also some cool in-game features we’ve got planned that will further help with our outreach efforts, but this is still a little secret for the future!

Community building upon release. Game night, town halls, giveaways/contests (art, memes, etc). Will we see more of those? Launch plans? Twitter spaces launch party? Early access or fair launch? Whenever it's ready (stealth launch) or a big hype release?

Long format livestreams, Twitter space launch party, partner collaborations, and giveaways! But consistency is the key, we will continue working hard, and we believe that once our product is live on the chain, more opportunities will open for advertising and interaction with crypto peeps.

What are you planning to keep a high player engagement when the game releases?

Competitions around the leaderboard standings, quests, and loot. After all, LOAD is an RPG where you have to grind, there’s plenty to stay engaged until the next feature comes out. Sprinkling some story-based quests and features into the game. Finally, when the game is launched, partner NFTs will be invited to join the ecosystem one way or another (this depends on our game theoretician - Sam, and the dev team)

When the game launches, you need to keep the hype going. What are the plans to keep the hype going? Small updates, regular updates, roadmap, PvP, special events.

As previously mentioned, a live product will create new opportunities, and we will have much more content, metrics, and updates to share.
There has never been a shortage of new ideas and ways to implement new and engaging mechanics. In the same fashion, the dev team has been so quick to fix bugs, update the game, etc., the main net launch doesn’t mean the development stops.

How have your marketing plans changed with the addition of Pyrosquid?

Pyro brought his digital marketing experience both from web2 and web3 space. Marketing plans became more mature, and he is the person who guides the overall marketing ship and advises best practices for all sorts of activations, mapping high-level strategy (and adjusting), improving onboarding experience, optimizing UX, SEO, etc.

Are there plans to incentivize liquidity for DCAU

Buying DCAR bonds via DCAU-AVAX is one way to go. People looking to take advantage of potentially high trading volume can provide liquidity and collect their share of fees, which we’ve seen a lot of. There are creative ways to incentivize this, but we are keeping that in the back pocket for the time being.

We hope you enjoyed that, and here’s the link to listen to Twitter Space Recording: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1lPKqBPAmmdGb?s=20

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