Development Update 22

 Development Update 22

Hello Dragonslayers,

It's been over 2 weeks since The Legend of Aurum Draconis is live on Avalanche Fuji testnet Ambassadors and the team are testing the game. Nonetheless, Dragon Crypto Gaming devs pushed many blockchain integrations, improvements, and bug fixes over this period. One of the more important aspects is to map all in-game interactions to the blockchain (and doing so securely while accounting for edge cases), which is hard, and we're doing things that no one else has done before.

There were 79 commits and 24 issues completed:

  • Bug - entering battle when autoplay is on stops the combat flow - Fixed by adding a check to see if the hero or the enemy is dead before dispatching a new combat hit event in autoplay mode.
  • Bug - Hotbar still disabled after starting and finishing a fight in autoplay mode - Fixed by the above issue.
  • Bug - operator query RPC error for nonexistent token - Fixed through various patches to sync on-chain data with backend data.
  • **Bug/Enhancement - Check chain ID before any TX **- Fixed by adding a mechanism to check that a user is on the correct chain before making a transaction.
  • Bug - [Vue warn]: Extraneous non-emits event listeners - Fixed by replacing missing emit definitions
  • Enhancement - Convert default scroll bars to styled bars. Especially, in windows - Fixed by the styling scroll bar.
  • Bug - Claimed Equipment, but an error occurred - crashed app - Fixed by creating a mechanism to perfectly sync on-chain data with the backend database. This was specific to the equipment contract.
  • Bug - Deepwood - Nothing is going to the stash - Fixed by patching the resources table with correct data.
  • Bug - Resources Stash Not showing up for many players. Related to the previous bug in which a DB structure issue has now been patched.
  • Bug - Investigation Needed - TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'length') - /craftingslots - This was related to a crafting consumable bug that was fixed by reworking the consumable crafting mechanism
  • Bug - AOS is breaking - Fixed by updating the latest CDN URL from
  • **Bug: Crafting - rework of transactions, loading, and display **- Fixed by reworking the approvals flow, added the correct resources for crafting consumables, and removing unnecessary approvals
  • Bug - Enemy healed me during battle - Closed - Could not replicate. A test that simulated 1000 fights was built, none of which the enemy healed the user. Some lag factor most likely caused this. We will look for anything similar to this in the future.
  • Enhancement - Add burned total to DB when burning on-chain - We now keep track of various stats such as burned resources and consumables.
  • Bug - Consumable Blueprints do not have isStashed field - Fixed by adding the isStashed field during the creation of the item
  • Bug - Sign-Crafting on hero API is not formed correctly - Fixed by providing the correct blueprint id and quantities
  • Enhancement - Add loading animation when fetching stash items. Completed by adding loading animation.
  • Bug - Fix test for messages that have broken image - Fixed by adding the correct image to an automated test.
  • Bug - Sync consumable is used when browser closed before the transaction is complete. Fixed by adding a pending state to our backend data to facilitate a heal on the correct hero even if they close the browser.
  • Bug - Crafted consumables are being inserted in the equipment table. Previously crafted consumables were being treated like equipment items. This has now been fixed.
  • Bug - Claiming Resources sometimes show NaN for quantity. Related to several other issues but ultimately was fixed by adding the totalDurability field during the loot creation process.
  • Bug - Crafting using all resources instead of a specific amount. Related to the issue above where all resources were being used instead of a specific amount. Fixed by reforming the creation of the consumable item.
  • Enhancement - Check stashed resources and consumables at startup for owner and quantity for match. We now perform several checks for data integrity from on-chain to backend accuracy. Other marketplaces may hold our NFTs; therefore, syncing must occur on all use cases.
  • Enhancement - Created first version of game health dashboard which shows a mix of onChain and game server data.
  • Enhancement - Created api and methods to capture trading volume and other game health related data.
  • Enhancement - Changed auto login flow to 'Click to login'. This prevents music loading issues in all browsers.
  • Enhancement - Added strict chain id check to ensure the game is not playable on any other chain.
  • Bug - No tutorial guide was coming when player logged in without owning any heroes
  • Enhancement - Created flow for buying heroes when player logs in and doesn't own any hero
  • Enhancement - Created a separate tutorial flow for players who don't own any heroes
  • Bug - On chain error Notifications were not coming for Fuji. The error data path was different for the Avalanche chain.
  • Bug - Fixed wrong notification sent out while claiming from $DCAU faucet.
  • Bug - Removed duplicate death sound being played

Main Site

  • SEO-related tag optimisations
  • Blog addition
  • Dynamic sitemap generation
  • Misc fixes and additions.

Marketing and Community

One of our current focuses on marketing is building an organic presence, for which we have laid out a content strategy and are actively working on organic growth through SEO.

The first bigger step towards that was to figure out the platform to be used and focused on to help with getting more eyes on us, and a reasonable step was to start with Search Engine Optimization and content.

So what exactly are we doing?

On-site SEO - optimizing different elements of our websites (both for Dragon Crypto Gaming and Legends of Aurum Draconis) to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic from search engines like Google Search.
Blog and topic clusters - We have recently finished with a new blog section to and doing some finishing touches to it before it will be officially "launched". We are focusing on various keyword clusters for reaching new audiences with keywords like "blockchain gaming". We will continuously start adding more content related to "blockchain gaming" so when people search for similar keywords, we will appear on the search results, increasing new traffic and brand awareness.

Building an organic presence is a long-term effort and a good indicator that we are here for the long term. The results of taking on this project may start bearing fruit only months from now. Still, it is very important nonetheless since once we start ranking higher, it is difficult to suddenly "lose" that new organic traffic once we've built the content for it.

This is in conjunction with us slowly ramping up our Paid Media efforts to make more people aware of Legends of Aurum Draconis. We are starting with Twitter Ads, but our awareness campaigns have been pending for over a week now, and we might just need to let that sink in and be patient as every Twitter employee is probably scrambling with launching the edit button
Both of these are partly the catalysts to why we have been focusing a lot on optimizing our onboarding process to make it easier for people to get started with playing the game.

Last but not least, we are working on various community activation campaigns that we will reveal soon. Whispers have been heard on the streets of Dragon Haven that there can be incentivized events rewarded with various prizes like NFTs.

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