Guilds Patch - Team AMA

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Guilds Patch - Team AMA

Welcome to our latest Q&A session! We've gathered your burning questions and are excited to provide you with the answers you've been waiting for. This particular session delves deep into both general game mechanics and our guild system. Whether you're curious about the upcoming patch, the intricacies of the in-game marketplace, the role of guilds in character development, or even how to maximize your questing efficiency, this Q&A has you covered. We hope it will shed light on various aspects of our game, helping both new and veteran players navigate their journey with more clarity and confidence.

Aired on May 14, 6:00 UTC
Guests: Sam (Founder | CTO ), Neo (Co-Founder | Full-Stack Dev), Paul (Co-Founder | Senior Dev)


In this Q&A session, we've addressed a myriad of topics, ranging from game balance to guild mechanics. Notably, we've clarified that the mint will burn a third of the DCAU, with another third going to the treasury, and the rest used for airdrops and staking rewards. In addition, we’ve explained the interplay between Defender’s Guild and Crafter’s Guild quests, where your hero can participate in either, but balance is key as gaining influence points in one guild will diminish points in the other. Also, as for the surplus of healing consumables, we're considering tweaks to hero swapping and drop rates. Rest assured, more updates are on the horizon, including the ability to convert cotton to cloth and the introduction of PvP between guilds in future updates. Stay tuned for more information on these exciting developments!

Q: Can we convert cotton to cloth, or is there some other idea?
A: This is coming soon, but not as a top priority. Cotton will be required to complete some quests in the crafter’s guild.

Q: Are defenders guild and crafters guild points ERC tokens?
A: The defender’s guild and crafter’s guild points are not ERC tokens. When you earn influence points for any particular guild, the points get automatically added toward the total guild points for that guild. Whichever guild has higher points is leading at that given point in time. Your influence points for that guild showcase how much of an influence you have been to help the guild win the points battle.

Q: Are there going to be daily quests?
A: Daily quests are already there, and you can access them by clicking on the quests button at the bottom right corner of the screen. The guild quests are going to be additional quests that you can complete. These quests will auto-update whenever you complete a quest. You will get rewards like experience, DCAR, and the guild influence point. For example, in the case of the Crafter’s Guild quest, you get DCAR, experience and crafter guild influence points.

Q: Can you switch to the other guild at any time?
A: Yes! You can do any quest from the Crafter’s Guild or the Defender’s Guild. No one is stopping you from completing both the quests. But remember that completing the quest of one guild and gaining influence points for that guild will automatically reduce your influence points from the other guild. Example. You have 10 influence points of the defender’s guild and complete a crafter’s guild quest. You get 3 influence points, but the influence points you hold in the defender’s guild will also reduce. Frequently doing both quests might require more than maintaining high influence points. But this is something the players will slowly discover. Have the right balance etc. Supporting one guild will be the most beneficial to that guild, though.

Q: I’m new. Why should I join a guild?
A: You don’t need to join a guild manually. By default, you can choose what quests you want to do. Either Defender’s or Crafter’s. Depending on your build, whatever is easier, you can proceed with doing quests for that guild. It’s more about what path you will choose :)

Q: How will guilds strengthen warrior and crafter build roles?
A: The higher level you are, the more quest points you get. Once you get to a higher level, you can accept better quests. E.g., Legendary quest won’t be available for average level 1 Joe as he doesn’t have enough points to spend.

Q: Will I be able to PvP between guilds?
A: Not in this update. The Defender’s and Crafter’s guild update will focus on skill-focused quests. PVP is being built, and please stay tuned for updates. :)

Q: Is this a feature for multiple Heroes?
A: Yes, you get new quests for all your heroes. You can do different quests from your different heroes. You can even have a crafter and a warrior. You can use the crafter to do the crafter's quests and the warrior to do the defender's quest. Both will have individual influence points.

Q: Can you have a bad relationship with a guild?
A: Not really. A point-reward mechanism will limit you, and if you “sit on two chairs” with one hero, you’ll never be able to advance in either of two directions. We will have different channels and roles in Discord where the guild members can collaborate and gain credibility in the community.

Q: Do you lose points (or favor) over time with the other guild? What are the quests like, and why should I do those and work toward getting them instead of just battling (lower effort)?
A: When you complete the quests from one guild, you gain influence points for that particular guild. But you also lose some influence points from the other guild. So you have to keep a very good balance between completing two quests, but it will take a lot of work to increase higher influence points by completing quests for both guilds using one hero. The quests are designed for the path you choose. A warrior completes Defender’s Guild quests, whereas a gatherer completes the crafter’s quests. Most rewards will move to quests, with battling in the plains giving fewer rewards. You don’t just gain DCAR with the quests, but vital influence in the guild. The quests are fairly simple, to begin with, but will evolve to be more involved. This is also a path for crafters to earn without selling in the marketplace.

Q: Couldn't I buy the materials needed and then go questing without gathering or doing footwork?
A: Yes, if the quest is about submitting items, you can do the footwork to collect it over some time (obviously before the quest expires) or buy it from the marketplace. This will boost the market economy and what people trade in it too. Other gatherers can collect items and sell them in the marketplace for this very purpose. The quest mechanics are built so that when a certain type of resource is inflated in the game, they will be more required.

Q: Do I need to burn the resources, or does simply having them allow me to do a quest?
A: The collection quests are either about collecting and submitting the items. It can be resources in the crafter’s guild or equipment in the Defender’s Guild. You submit these items in the guild quest, and these get burned. Once burned, you won’t be able to use them, of course.


Q: When is the patch coming?
A: Soon. Stay tuned for announcements.

Q: Currently, the healer's hut gets very little use for healing due to the surplus of healing consumables. Recently you put in updates to help better track and analyze consumables minting and usage. What has that analysis shown, and what are some potential solutions the team is considering to address the healing consumables surplus?
A: Balance can be hard to strike for lower-level users. These potions are a blessing and much needed for higher-level players, not so much, especially when you are swapping between heroes. We’re looking at the value of swapping heroes and the drop rate for higher-level heroes.

Q: What will be done with the DCAU spent on the mint and the lottery? Will a % of this be burned? If so, how much?
A: We’ll burn 1/3rd of the DCAU from the mint, 1/3rd will go to the treasury, and use the rest for airdrops to Genesis heroes and later staking rewards.

Q: How is the team considering the trade-off of additional revenue from having Heroes sold in the in-game marketplace versus the publicity being highly ranked in NFT sales volume on Avalanche? Is the plan still to bring Heroes into the DCG marketplace?
A: This is something we are aware of. Marketplaces like Joepegs do advertise our collection, we’re featured at the moment, and there’s no way you can visit without seeing us somewhere. Although our in-game marketplace would be great, as we could easily show their stats and attributes, we think using platforms like Joepegs is highly beneficial initially.

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