Post-Launch Community Update

Post-Launch Community Update

It’s been 3 days since The Legend of Aurum Draconis launched on the Avalanche C-chain. The team and community are positive and humbled by the current metrics. Let’s jump in and see how the first weekend went, what devs have done so far, and what we can look forward to in the future!

Player Activity and Metrics

We are astonished by the players' activity in the last 72 hours. The all-time high was 147 Daily Active Users (DAU).

When it comes to marketplace/NFT/tokens activity, it’s nothing less impressive than the DAU activity:

  • Volume across items and resource markets almost $2000
  • Total equipment minted > 9000
  • Total consumables burned > 19000
  • Total battles >35700
  • 33 DCAU burned (~$580)
  • 2350 DCAR burned (~$180)

Some of these metrics can also be found on our public dashboard:
We are continuously working on adding relevant data about the game to the dashboard for everyone to see.


The community brought up another mind-blowing statistic - our equipment trading has already secured an all-time second place on Avalanche!


Dev Updates

Devs got little sleep past weekend; here are the updates that have already been made to the game after launch – bug fixes and game balance updates:

Announcement on April 1, 2023:

  • Free resurrections for level 1 characters
  • Reduced cost of resurrections for all other levels
  • Tweaks made to Powerful enemies to reduce their overall stats
  • Tweaks made to “flee” with lower-level characters – the lower your level, the higher your chance of success
  • Reduced the damage to weapons when fighting in the plains to be more in line with armor (~60% reduction!!)
  • Further tweaks were made to server-side error handling
  • Loot balancing: bosses and random encounters will always give item loot

Announcement on April 2, 2023:

  • Heroes at level one can now reset their stats. This is only available for level 1 characters.
  • Multiple tweaks have been made to in-game rewards from multi-hero fights and feedback
  • Fixed a variety of server stability issues that have been found through continuous monitoring & feedback

Announcement on April 3, 2023:

  • Dashboard updates and tweaks
  • Fixed some claim issues
  • New partner heroes have been implemented/minted/distributed
  • Dollar values are now shown in the stash, and users need to refresh their browser if they don't see it
  • Fixed an issue with exp/turns refreshing on random events (i.e., the shrine event in The Plains)

Tweaking will not stop here, and devs are carefully tracking the player's performance and are consistently working on improving the gaming experience!

Partner Heroes

Welcome these legendary Affinity series heroes in Dragon Haven!
They will have the same characteristic as Corruption, bonuses in magic!
They are made in the theme of our partner projects Elk Finance, Fief Guild, Avalaunch (unclaimed 👀), Trader Joe, SkyMeta Guild, Asgard, and Benqi Finance!
Partner heroes were minted and distributed to the giveaway winners.

special heroes.png

We can’t forget to mention DCG Hero trading activity! 72 DCG Hero NFTs were sold across Avalanche secondary marketplaces, with:

  • 440 AVAX in volume
  • 44 AVAX highest sales
  • 32 heroes sold in the last 24 hours!


Check out for more details!

Also, you can now check the heroes' levels on our website before you make a purchase:


The community has been asking, ‘when new mint?’ - we are aware that the floor at 6.8 AVAX is making our game less accessible, and we do have multiple mints planned in the near future!

So our answer is:


P.S. April 4th will make the 1st birthday of the Corruption series! Happy Birthday!


Join us for the upcoming AMA/Spaces, and follow our socials to get the links for the venue:

  • MCVerse - Monday, April 3 @ 8 PM EST

  • Avalaunch - Tuesday, April 4 @ 4 PM PST

  • Heroes of NFTs - Wednesday, April 5 @ 5 PM UTC

  • Weekly AurumDraconis Livestream w/ Nick - Thursday, April 6 @ 1 AM UTC

  • MTOPSwap - Thursday, April 6 @ 11 PM UTC

  • Join Siv’s streams every day @ 22:30 UTC
    Also, check out his previous streams, and don’t forget to follow him!



What highlighted post-launch time in the community was this marketplace made by Brainiac. Check out what he’s been selling


For the best alpha and curated info, follow our ambassadors:

And this newly created Strategy Guide Twitter account made by the community:

What are we working on next?

We don’t like to overpromise things, but the top priority is improving quests, introducing PVP mode, optimizing UX, and working on graphic overhaul!

Watch the video update made by Nick:

Join our Discord community to stay on top of LOAD things!

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