A Deep Dive into NFT Utility in 'The Legend of Aurum Draconis'

A Deep Dive into NFT Utility in 'The Legend of Aurum Draconis'

Ladies, gentlemen, and distinguished digital asset holders, time to buckle up. We're diving into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the gaming and finance intersection, also known as GameFi. Suppose you're a crypto connoisseur, a digital dilettante, or someone wondering how in the Metaverse, a JPEG of a pudgy cartoon cat can sell for the price of a Bugatti. In that case, you're in the right place.

As you're aware (no doubt), Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital assets representing ownership of unique items or content on the blockchain. But let's cut the techno-babble. Here's why you should care about NFT utility, particularly in the rapidly growing realm of GameFi.

Putting 'Fun' in 'Non-Fungible'

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) bring tangible ownership to the intangible world, providing real-world value for in-game achievements. The battles you won and the new gear you equipped in your favorite games growing up, such as Diablo, Heroes of Might & Magic, or even Elder Scrolls (if you're a tad younger), come to life as assets you own.
Let's see an example from Dragon Crypto Gaming's latest release, 'The Legend of Aurum Draconis', an RPG (role-playing game) focusing on NFTs.

You can play with a group of up to 5 Hero NFTs, all of which can equip various equipment and have a customizable skill tree

At least one NFT Hero is required to play The Legend of Aurum Draconis. On initial minting, Heroes may bear one of five ranks:

Neophyte (lowest)
Grand Master
Legendary (highest)

Each level or rarity will increase the starting points you spend on your hero's stats. The higher your rank, the more starting stats you get to spend.
Take a team of Heroes on quests, switch between your Heroes during battle, and make the best use of their various skills and attributes. Equip your heroes with a vast array of armor and weapons, which are also NFTs! A team of heroes is a better experience, with more in-game turns, gameplay, and rewards. Your Heroes gain experience and levels while adventuring. As they level up, you receive stat points to increase your Heroes' abilities, value, and chances of winning battles.

These are minted in series depending on the demand and development of the game; we may have a mint on July 17 at 1 PM UTC; just a hint… they can also be found on secondary NFT marketplaces such as JoePegs, NFTrade, Opensea, etc.

Utility: Not Just a Buzzword

Beyond just bragging rights, these NFTs have utility in-game. They're not just for looking pretty. Your Hero will have various attack options depending on their equipped items. Your Hero's Attack stat determines the amount of damage dealt to the enemy.

During battle you can attack, use healing items (also NFT’s) and flee, you can also use your ability and Tiny Dragon NFT to fight on your behalf if you’re lucky enough to have one.

Alternatively, when using a weapon or items with magical properties, the damage is augmented by your Hero’s Magic stat and ignores your Attack stats. Occasionally, your Hero might land a critical hit and deal massive damage to the enemy. Your Hero’s Critical Hit Chance stat determines the likelihood of landing a critical hit.

Uh, Yeah, Great! What’s in it for ME?

I forgot I was speaking with a crypto enthusiast, sorry. Well, the ‘play-and-earn’ aspect of the https://discord.gg/hjc7sVrxmc). Sure, there is a constant balancing of rewards to keep the game going smoothly. Still, we’re never going to compromise on fun, and we will ensure the game stays a rewarding experience for everyone.

Your Hero NFT opens you up to earning tokens, NFT loot and resources, and perhaps even an airdrop (bother us on Discord). Let’s look at some examples:

After defeating an enemy you are rewarded with token rewards, experience and NFT loot. You must hold a certain amount of $DCAR token to take full earning capability.

In this example my NFT Hero with a higher than average Gathering stat stumbled upon some Gold to mine, resources are used for crafting equipment, items or you could simply sell them within the game’s marketplace!

In this example my NFT Hero with a higher than average Gathering stat stumbled upon some Ginseng, we could make tea IRL with this but in-game can concoct potions with Ginseng Root! Or sell this resource in the marketplace.

There is plenty more to say, but the message is clear, we make some bangin' NFTs and don't stop adding to them. As 'The Legend of Aurum Draconis' develops more and adds features (PvP is on the map), these NFTs can gain serious value. 'Play-and-earn' has its problems, but NFT utilization is different. We hope you enjoyed reading and would swing by our Twitter & Discord to hang out with the team.

Best of luck in-game, it's a challenge, but anything worth doing is, right?

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