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Dragon Crypto Gaming is at the forefront of the play-to-earn revolution. We are committed to building a fantasy-themed metaverse for our community that offers groundbreaking gaming experiences and a plethora of earning opportunities.

Who Are We?

We are a team of dedicated game and fantasy enthusiasts who are committed to building a superior fantasy-themed metaverse. This world will bring NFT characters, weapons, armour and resources to life through unique strategic combinations and implementation.

The Opportunity

With “Game-fi” still in its infancy, there is a lack of high-quality games that provide the player with an enjoyable, engaging platform that keeps them coming back for more. Therefore there is the opportunity to become a leader within the space by delivering an epic gaming experience.

Our Purpose

Dragon Crypto Gaming's raison d'etre is simple: build compelling games that entertain and enrich. Through our platforms, we are fostering a thriving play-to-earn ecosystem that rewards our loyal community of gamers and crypto enthusiasts through a strong alignment of financial incentives.

Aurum Draconis aurum draconis

Aurum Draconis

The Legend of Aurum Draconis is a fantasy RPG-inspired play-and-earn adventure, set in an evolving digital universe.

Tiny Dragons Arena

A casual gaming experience where Tiny Dragon owners can battle for glory, level up their beasts and win attractive prizes in our Tiny Dragons Arena minigame.

Tiny Dragons fight example

Why Dragon Crypto Gaming?

  1. RPGs have a huge user base worldwide with millions of people actively playing these games.
  2. We offer a full RPG fantasy multiplayer environment that is highly interactive and provides immersive in-depth gameplay where users earn money rather than paying for subscriptions
  3. The lack of this kind of gaming experience within the GameFi space means there is a massive potential for Dragon Crypto Gaming to capture this untapped market.
  4. We are striving to bring our players a groundbreaking gaming experience through the best fantasy RPG mechanics and a wide range of earning opportunities.