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DCG Entertainment is a innovative software company. We are dedicated to building the best experiences for our users.

Who we are

About Us

We are a team of dedicated developers with a passion for delivering engaging gaming experiences

What we do


Web3 gives us the opportunity to build amazing products and experiences ranging from GameFi to SocialFi.

Why we do it

Our Purpose

Our focus is building compelling products that our users love to use.


Our Products

$DCG Token

The $DCG token is not just for Legends of Aurum but for the future and any other apps and games we develop as part of our ecosystem.

Total Supply: 125,000,000

We will distribute approximately 44,135 $DCG per week through the Dragon God's Challenge and The Legends of Aurum challenges, a prize pool of 12,500,000 $DCG tokens over approximately five years.

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